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Rowena Gilbert Stem Vase Electric Blue

Rowena Gilbert is a renowned British ceramics designer and maker. Her work has a distinctive linear design which makes this Reed Design vase beautifully unique. Using additions of metal oxides for reds, blacks and blues, the coloured clay layers are brushed on or inlaid in incised lines and marks on the slip cast form. All pieces are individually hand made by Rowena in her Brighton studio and have her signature mark on the base.

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Rowena Gilbert Stem Vase Electric Blue

Dimensions: Small Vase (shown on the right of the product photograph) Height 12.8 cm Top 3.7 cm.  Medium Vase (shown on the left of the product photograph) Height: 22.5 cm Top 5.8 cm. The vase is electric blue with a white and blue reed design. The inside is painted in cobalt blue.  The large vase is available, please email to order.

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