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Retro Postcard Dig for Victory East Of India

This postcard comes packed with a black enveope filled with little goodies relevant to the message on the front. Perfect for the gardening enthusiast, this Dig for Victory postcard and envelope contain a packet of carrot seeds. Taking only 80 days to mature, they will be from the packet to your plate in no time, adding a homemade touch to your dinner, straight from your own garden! Reminiscent of the posters during WW2.
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Retro Postcard Dig for Victory East Of India

Approx Dimensions: 16.0cm x 11.0cm.
Materials: Postcard, envelope, packet of carrot seeds.
Other: Part of the East of India Range. Instructions for use: Sow in May in a nice warm spot. Make rows of small holes 13mm (1/2 inch) deep that are 6cm (2 ½ inches) apart. Sow the seeds thinly and then cover with a fine layer of soil, watering lightly. Watch for the seedlings to sprout, usually in 2-3 weeks and when they are 4 inches tall, thin the seedlings so that they are 4 inches apart. Enjoy these tasty carrots with your dinner in 80 days.

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