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Inch Blue Car Soft Sole Pram Shoes

With a baby blue car design, these ‘classic baby’ shoes will soon have your child zooming around the room in his first car! These Inch Blue shoes are handmade in Wales from the softest, non-slip leather which will protect and allow baby's feet to grow naturally. Available in small 0 - 6 months only.
All Inch Blue shoes are endorsed by: CHRISTINA REDFEARN, M.E.A.Ch MCSRx Chiropodist and Reflexologist
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Inch Blue Car Soft Sole Pram Shoes

Approx Dimensions: Small: Age 0-6 months, L 10.5cm, Shoe size UK 0-2, Shoe size EU 17-18.
Other: Designed with elasticated ankles for ease of fit.
Made in the UK.

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